AHH, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! (winter edition)

because i’ve been writing about baking a little bit too much lately, i thought i’d take a second to talk about my other passion: running.

which i’m constantly convincing myself that i love.

i’ve already shared some of my favorite running tunes with you guys, but i thought it was about time to talk about some of the things that keep me hitting the pavement. now, because i spent a lot of time training as a gymnast, i have a competitive streak. gymnastics, however, is physically, and psychologically, an incredibly individual sport. therefore, i’m not so much competitive against other people, as i am against myself.

although, i do find the idea of someone being better than me really bothersome.

more than anything else, i set goals for myself and against myself. the current goal is running more than ten twelve miles a week, which seems like a lot and seems like nothing at all. and to keep track of my miles, i’ve gotten to be really good at logging my miles on MapMyRun.com, where you can log in all sorts of work outs and track your personal goals, and whatnot.

also after a really great week it tells you things like great job!

and who doesn’t love positive reinforcement??

basically, other than that, i love anything and everything that underarmour has ever made. but more specifically, these are all the things i cannot live without… during the winter.

[all images are from their respective links.]

  1. nike women’s air relentless running shoes – sadly, i recently retired my hot pink and silver nike running shoes, but they had been worn within an inch of their lives. and with recurring knee pain and the thought of a cortisone shot looming, it was time. that being said, these are miracle shoes.
  2. lululemon running key cuff – i don’t like to run with much, but this is perfect for a key and maybe a little cash to buy a bottle of water, or an ID. the only thing that worries me is the tan i might get when summer comes… ew.
  3. women’s underarmour escape lightweight 1/4 zip jacket – i love a good quarter zip, and this is the perfect layer to keep you warm in a texan winter.
  4. underarmour coldgear liner gloves – for colder climates, these are the perfect gloves. they even have fleece on the index finger and thumbs for when you get the sniffles. yeah, yeah, too much information. but believe me, when you forget your gloves and the temperature drops, you’ll be sorry.
  5. women’s underarmour coldgear long sleeved compression mock – this keeps you much warmer than you might expect. the inside is lined with a fleece-like material and the compression helps your body retain heat. i wouldn’t have gotten through those long runs by lake michigan without it.
  6. women’s sof sole athlete insole – now, because of the aforementioned knee situation, i was talked into buying some insoles for a little extra support. then i watched in horror as the sales associate ripped the soles of my brand new running shoes and replaced them with these. but the result is incredible – as a gymnast, i struggled with shin splits and small stress fractures, but i haven’t felt any of those issues come back. thank goodness.
  7. women’s coldgear frosty compression tights – these are made of the same material as the compression mock and will keep you warm during the coldest runs. my only complaint would be that the waist band isn’t as tight as i would like it to be, but that might just be a personal waist-hip ratio issue. although, my tights are from last year’s line and the pants that i’ve seen in stores lately seem to have updated the waistband and might have fixed the problem.
  8. women’s heatgear no show socks – when i first started running, i just wore whatever socks i had, which was the worst mistake i could have made. within a week or so of running i developed awful blisters in the inside arch of both of my feet. these socks are the perfect remedy. basically, what you need is a sock that is tight around your arch to keep your socks from moving too much. since purchasing underarmour socks with that arch support, i haven’t bought any other brand and i have not gotten another arch blister.
  9. road ID – this is an addition from my mother. like i said, i don’t like to run with much, which is enough to make any parent nervous. so after some googling, or oprah-watching (i’m not sure which), i got an email imploring me to buy this identification tag. well, its been a year and i finally buckled this afternoon and bought myself a tag for my running shoes. your name and an emergency contact is engraved onto the metal tag, and there is a serial number that first responders can use to find your identification as well as any medical information that they should know in order to treat you, and call your emergency contacts. i really recommend this, because… yeah, my mom was right, you never know what can happen.
  10. iPod shuffle – lastly, there is nothing i believe in more than the right soundtrack. and the iPod shuffle is tiny and lightweight, you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it except when your footsteps match up perfectly with the beat. and the clip on the back makes it so versatile and easy to just clip on and go.

now, someone call up underarmour and let them know that i’m available to star commercials whenever they are ready.

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