music monday: the black keys.


i just discovered the black keys. and my face just melted off. i know that i’m probably completely behind the curve as they have already released several albums and casually won a few grammys, but this was a big discovery for me. i did just comb through eighty-nine tracks to find my favorites, and i still only narrowed it down to thirty-five.

their songs just have this sort of scratchy, raw quality that i always seem to be drawn to. and the fact that you can hear the influence from the masters like lightnin’ hopkins, and robert johnson, isn’t lost on me in the least.

side note: ROBERT JOHNSON.

every song is my new favorite song. and the black keys seems like the kind of band that would open for the band you actually went to see, but ended up being better than the headliner. only the next morning, you can’t, for the life of you, remember their name. and no amount of googling, or asking your friends for clues gets you any closer to finding out who they are.

so here they are: the band that got away.


4 thoughts on “music monday: the black keys.

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