some days are the worst. 

some whole chunks of time are the worst. and then something touches you, and causes you to feel completely restored.

even for just a moment.

yesterday i saw a compilation of brutishness.  when i finally returned home, i found a envelope from a friend. inside there was a simple, neutral sheet of paper, folded once, carefully concealing the words that would make me cry.

‘remain filled with wonder.’

last week there was a spoken word show in chicago, a group of my friends went, and i was equally jealous and thrilled for them.  one of those performing was anis mojgani, who i have admired since my sister first sent me a video of one of his performances. after falling for his words, i sent them to another friend, and another, and another, i’m sure.  and then one of them sat in what i imagine was a packed and stuffy, tiny auditorium filled with with anxious admirers waiting to soak in words and sentences to feel that same sense restoration of that i mentioned. she sat in the audience and thought enough about me to get this poet’s attention for a moment to ask him to sign something for me.

my cup runneth over.

shake the dustanis mojgani.

‘will it make me something? will i be something? am i something?

and the answer comes,

already am,

always was,

and i still have time to be.’

6 thoughts on “except…

  1. Wow, simply powerful. I really loved anis mojgani I thought what an amazing piece. Then I read your piece and an completely blown away this is brilliant. and the answer comes… live out lout and free no matter the day, the time, the feelings, every once and be like you and still have time to be!

    Thanks for sharing this it was an enjoyment to read/see.

  2. Awwww!!! I had no idea it’d become such a chain of inspiration. That’s SO cool that you have his autograph!!!!!

    He really does give a powerful performances. I’ll never forget seeing him in a cramped coffee house here in Savannah. Our mutual professor, who got me into his works, was pissed she couldn’t make it. She wanted to introduce me as one of her other prodigies? He was her best spoken-word student several years before, and she preferred my ‘free-style’ (what I call ranting succinctly).

    When we had the one Artemis reading, where I cried through reading my works… (and I JUST found this out) she had him on speakerphone a few feet away.

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