‘hey you – what are you listening to?’

i recently stumbled on the following video by ty cullen.  so let’s find out who is weird, who is stuck in the nineties, and who is drastically ashamed of their musical choices…

shout out to the attractive man listening to the black keys at 1:30.

and the man at 2:09. what a gem.

so my question is… if someone where to ask you what you were listening to on the street, would you quickly scan your ipod for the coolest track you can find out of fear of seeming lame?  or would you truthfully admit that you were listening to lady gaga like the last gentleman?

 own it, y’all.

and leave me some comments below, because i want to know.

now… what are you listening to?

4 thoughts on “‘hey you – what are you listening to?’

  1. haha I loved this! The girl listening to Kanye West seemed really ashamed lol. What about the random guy listening to Lollipop?! Is that song not dead yet? lol.

    I would most likely be listening to Eliza Doolittle. I’ve been playing her non-stop lately :)

    • lollipop is a zombie song.
      meaning of course that its the kind of song that you think is dead and then it comes back from nowhere and gets stuck in your head for a week and a half.
      lather, rinse, repeat.

      eliza doolittle?? i’ve never heard of her – i’ll have to do a little investigation. unless of course you mean my fair lady… in which case… check. HA.

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