march madness.

so we all know that i’m a northwestern fan…

casual shot of my friends and me at an intense game my junior year.

i’m pretty sure i was emailed this cell phone shot of the tv while i was still at the game.

thanks, dad. #bigtenfamily

we had a great season, beating michigan state, and nearly beating some huge teams like ohio state and michigan, but even with our number one scorer of all time, john shurna, we didn’t make it to the ncaa tournament this year.

‘or any year…’

shut up.

so we went to the nit. and had a really intense fight against akron, and then unfortunately fell to washington last night. now, i knew that washington was a formidable team, but it was still really hard to watch the end of our season and the end of the seniors’ careers as wildcats.

especially shurna. wallow.

but anyway, my family is really into march madness. i took at least two and a half hours combing through statistics to make my bracket. (which is currently a mess.) and i’m not even going to talk about the crazed numbers game my dad went through. meanwhile, we just finished having nachos for dinner while we watched the marquette – murray state game.

i had marquette for the record.


in other news, apparently my family is a bunch of bros.

and we even went to the sweet sixteen two years ago when purdue played.

and that was the best, but my favorite moments are in our living room rubbing losses in one another’s faces and making fun of coaches.

because wisconsin’s head coach, bo ryan, is the grinch.

chandler bing and matt painter, purdue’s head coach.

‘could we be playing any better??’

so, since my bracket is in shambles, i guess i’ll cheer for complete mayhem. and…

go purdue?

[images: grinch, bo, chandler, painter]

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