i’m convincing myself that i love to run even though my knee hurts and i’m probably going to get a cortisone shot next week.

and i was eaten by mosquitoes and even though it’s only march.

and i think i swallowed a bug or something that i can’t seem to stop bothering my throat.


i know.

but i do love running. (constant mantra.) i’m also convincing myself that i am still myself even though i am currently enjoying a great deal of country music.

‘what? that goes against everything you’ve ever said. like ever, ever.’

i know. but its… just so funny.

it started as just a casual moment in the car during rush hour traffic… when the houston rodeo was going on.  i thought ‘all those people can’t possibly like something for nothing… right?’

if you know me at all… that is a huge thought.

counter argument: huntin’, camo, nascar, commemorative plates… etc.

and then i changed one of my programmed stations in the car to one of the numerous country stations… and then i programmed several more.


and then i turned up the twang, rolled the windows down, and drove down some of the lesser populated roads. now i don’t live in the middle of nowhere by any means. but… the middle of nowhere sure ain’t far away. and so i admired the scenery and the late afternoon sunshine.

the scenic route.


just kidding, here’s the real scenic route.

boy, i do love me some cows.

sometimes i realize that i can just be all of the things. and that’s what i’ll do, dammit. that being said, here are a few songs that helped me through the bug.


i’m also having a well deserved margarita.

‘well alright then.’

2 thoughts on “self-convincing.

    • thanks, arielle! i guess… for us southern people, its about time to talk about summer gear too isn’t it? oy.
      also, you definitely should start running, if that’s what you want – getting started was rough for me, but you just have to keep at it. keep me updated if you do start running, i’d love to hear about it!

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