my favorite things: bakeware.

a surprise visit from family and a church bake sale had me baking cookies all weekend.

life is so hard.

here are some of the best baking things that i can’t live without.

  1. the magical cookie sheet – i don’t even know, y’all. i got this for christmas, and it was clutch from day one. i used an older cookie sheet to make my second batch of cookies yesterday and the difference was staggering. everything that i have baked on this cookie sheet comes out wonderfully puffy and perfect.
  2. cookie spatula – ‘you need a separate spatula for cookies?’ well, no, you don’t need one – but its so great. this is probably the yuppiest thing ever… and i love it.
  3. rubber spatula– nothing makes your life easier than a rubber spatula. although those little ones seem so silly.
  4. three-tier cooling rack – this. just… this.
  5. silicone baking cups – i love these. the first time you use them they kind of stick to your baked goods, but after that they are just a dream. and you can make incredible individual brownies in them. (recipe here.)
  6. the dream stand mixer – sigh. one day.

and lastly, these are the most incredible snickerdoodles ever. (recipe here.)

[images via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, snickerdoodle.]


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