music monday: the books.

now i’m guessing that most of you won’t like the books… at all. one might say that their music is a kind that takes a little getting used to – and their music is maybe… noisy?

‘what? good intro, cor.’

shut up, and give it a chance.

i like their music because it sounds similar to the way that one’s mind might work. its a sort of stream of consciousness music: sentences are disjointed and thoughts are incomplete, they overlap with bits of unrelated music, lines of poetry, and things someone once mentioned, a jarring news report and an instrumental lullaby. and then everything will change completely and you are miles away from where you started.

in short, it sounds like insomnia.

if pressed, i think that i’d have to describe their music as a sort of mixed media.  and this sort of ‘sound collage,’ as one of the band members put it, makes the racing mind feel normal.  so essentially, i like their music because it makes me feel less crazy.

but it may make you feel more crazy.

let me know which way you go.

see i put the normal songs at the beginning so the crazy would sneak up on you.

[image via.]

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