summer runnin’.

summer in texas, by everyone else’s standards, pretty much lasts from march until november. and it can be pretty unbearable at times, but i do maintain a pretty solid tan year round.


‘shut up.’

that being said, the hot and humid houston weather does make life a little difficult from time to time… especially for a runner. so as the temperature starts to steadily rise down south, i felt it would be helpful to share some of the things that help me make the most of this permi-summer.

  1. underarmour catalyst short sleeve tshirt – as we well know, i’m obsessed with underarmour. these shirts in particular are amazing. they are really soft, and incredibly light, keeping you very cool even during the hottest runs. also – no one can really see how much you sweat… thank goodness.
  2. champion short-sleeve athletic tee – as much as i love underarmour, i don’t believe that all of your gear should be quite so expensive. these shirts from target’s athletic gear line are the next best thing and i have several in rotation.
  3. underarmour victory tank top – i usually hate ribbed tank tops, but i really love this one. the neckline isn’t too low and its just the perfect kind of fit. also the mesh-like material on the high part of the shoulders make it really cool.
  4. underarmour heatgear capri tights – i wear the hell out of these tights. now, because they are heatgear and made of lighter material, and aren’t compression pants, they take a little bit of getting used to. (meaning of course, you might be a little self conscious at the start, #jiggly. i definitely was – but i just love them now.)
  5. nike tempo track running shorts – or as we all lovingly call them ‘norts.’ everyone should have these, for running and for general life.
  6. off! bug spray – mosquitoes in texas are relentless, don’t let them get you down. also off! makes bug repellant wipes that you can just throw in your bag/car/shoe in case of emergencies. just a necessity.
  7. roadID shoe pouch – so i’ve talked about roadID before and how i think it’s important to have some sort of identification on you at all times, but i love this pouch because i won’t get a wrist tan from my usual key holder. we cannot have that.
  8. neutrogena ultimate sport sunblock spray – speaking of tanning, please try not to get sunburned. that’s just the worst. i don’t get sunburned often because of those latina roots, but i spend a whole hell of a lot of time in the sun and there’s no excuse for not protecting your skin. also there is such a thing as too tan. be careful – you’ve been warned now and i will make fun of you if you turn orange.
  9. HYDRATION GAME. if you aren’t playing, and winning hydration game in texas… you could die. but really, i can really tell the difference between a hydrated run and a dehydrated run. get yourself a big cup and a straw, you never regret drinking water.
  10. and lastly, always dress as if it is ten degrees warmer than it actually is.  you won’t be sorry.

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