music monday: the heartless bastards.

drugs, man.

no, this post isn’t about the velvet underground and nico… although maybe it should be.


we’ll leave that for another day.

i’m using the video only because it demonstrates the sort of key aspects that i’d use to describe the heartless bastards. mostly in that, their music kind of sounds like the backing track of a melodramatic film during a slippery slope of drug use, and sleeping in a gutter. or a really intense episode of behind the music.

‘behind the music? great irrelevant reference cor.’

shut up.

but really, the heartless bastards are more than just a bad trip, the heartless bastards are more about the redemption after the fall. they are the disillusioned rock god shaking off the hangover and being epic once again.

and i love it.

their most recent album, arrow, came out early this year and every track is just tremendous –  i’ve had it on repeat, more or less, since its release. but i feel like that way about every one of their albums, they are the band that comes up on shuffle and you think to yourself ‘hot damn, why haven’t i been listening to this the entire time?’


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