music monday: the velvet underground.

like i said last week, the velvet underground has been a staple in my itunes library since i can remember.

when i was 15 and spent a miserable summer working as a lifeguard in the hot texas sun and making a pittance, the only thing that would get me out of bed and into my red guard suit was listening to who loves the sun. now this song is bit like bubblegum in comparison to something like… heroin, but it has its own place in the vu canon.

and later, after i fell in love with clem snide, i realized that my favorite song of his ‘pale blue eyes’ is actually a cover of a velvet underground song.

sometimes, the world just makes all sorts of sense.

and this video that i found for ‘pale blue eyes’ has lou reed and pete townsend (from the who) performing together. that’s a kind of awesome that i can’t even comprehend.

anyway, as you can tell from these few examples, the velvet underground’s music runs the gamut from seemingly sappy songs to all out noise possibly echoing the effects of drug use. all in all, vu was an incredibly influential band that laid the groundwork for countless musicians, who then became tremendously popular and powerful in their own right.

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2 thoughts on “music monday: the velvet underground.

  1. Love love the Velvets– both their frenzied, feedback-laden drones and their sweet, acoustic ballads. “Pale Blue Eyes” is one of my favorite songs of all time. If you like their first album, I definitely recommend checking out Nico’s seminal “Chelsea Girl”, released the year after her appearance in the VU debut. It’s chockfull of lovely 60s acoustic ballads.

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