birds of prey.

so… a little known fact (or weird fact, i should say) about me is that i’m terrified of birds.

and rabbits, but that’s a different story.


i’m not so much afraid of birds as i just don’t like them. they have those beady little eyes and always seem to be plotting and could potentially peck your face off at any given moment. you can’t read their expressions and they can fly at you at any time.

and that’s horrifying.

so, i was on a run tonight, minding my own business, waving at other runners and greeting walkers like a good texan, i came across a little shrub.  but as i looked down, i realized that it wasn’t a shrub at all.


the horror.

and i tell you what, nothing motivates me like the fear of god via winged creature.   but despite my odd trepidation, i am still intrigued by them and by flight in general.  and this video just fills me with wonder.

murmuration – sophie windsor clive and liberty smith.

pretty incredible.

but i would have died.

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