teeny bopper.

my name is cori and i am addicted to lip-synching when i run.

i should be more committed to hiding my enthusiasm from other runners/cars/judgmental dogs, i should be really embarrassed, but i’m not.  it started the other day with a particularly incredible run, during which i ran four miles in record time and with a great amount of strength left at the end. it started slow at first, just a little bit of lip movement as my footsteps started synching up with the beat of the music.

step syncopation is a gateway drug.

i passed a couple of teenage girls who are much more of the target demographic for the music i was listening to, so obviously i completely changed my demeanor and adopted a stone face expression. however, on a run a few days later i was caught by a cute boy who seemed to be somewhere around my age, but i wouldn’t look directly at him so that i wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

but the hell with it.

then i really got into it and had the more fun than i have had running in quite a while. even though a road biker witnessed the height of my enthusiasm and shared a smile and a laugh with me.

and what was i listening to?

i’m so glad you asked.

shut up.

i will not be embarrassed by my joy.

haters to the left.

the moral of the story? lip synch to your heart’s content, y’all.

just watch out for bugs.


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