music monday: laura marling.

there’s a storm pummeling the roof and i’ve found that laura marling is the absolute perfect artist for a dreary day.

‘probably because she’s british.’

ugh. shut up.

so she’s categorized as ‘contemporary folk,’ which sounds new and old at the same time, all the while maintaining that she must be at least forty types of lame. but obviously that’s not true. her music is complex, bearing intelligent and powerful lyrics. marling is tremendously talented and she’s worked with several other artists that i really enjoy, including noah and the whale, and johnny flynn. but like i said… she’s formidable all on her own.

her first album may have a sound similar to emmy the great, which completely changes after this record. her second album, i speak because i can, sounds like winter. there’s a sort of quiet strength in the music that sneaks up on you, the way a quiet snowfall can completely overtake everything in a short period of time. there’s a lot of struggle happening in this album that i really like.

and wouldn’t you know it, as i was reading a few articles about laura marling in preparation for this post, i found that she released an album last year that i’ve never even heard of until tonight.


so she has three albums as of right now (of that much i am sure), and i’ve been listening to the latest for the past hour and a half. and although i do really enjoy it… nothing touches the perseverance of i speak because i can.

let it always be known that I was who I am.

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3 thoughts on “music monday: laura marling.

  1. I have all 3 albums and her lyrics are some of the most beautifully poetic I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard any other artist like her and I’ve been following her for years. She must be shy because in interviews she seems really awkward. I love her though and have never been let down but “Alas I cannot swim” is my fave album of hers BY FAR. Great pick!

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