music monday: noah and the whale.

after last week’s edition of music monday featuring laura marling, i got a string of texts from a friend who discovered who laura marling actually was… in the grander scheme of things. these texts went something along the lines of…


and so she did.

[image via cuetheartist.]

she also dated marcus mumford of mumford and sons who actually just married carrie mulligan this weekend.


anyway – as the story goes, laura marling made her start as part of the band during their first album, but decided to pursue a solo career sometime around the album’s release. therefore, breaking all the hearts and one in particular… the lead singer, charlie fink. so the band wrote an album accounting the hell he went through during the year after she left…

”the first time i listened to our new album in full i just broke down,” admits charlie fink. “i was in tears from the third track until the end. i’ve never had an experience like that before.”

yikes. [via the guardian.]

i know that you’re probably thinking ‘wow, that’s probably the most depressing album of all time.’  but its really not, and stop being so dramatic, we all know that the most depressing albums of all time come from like tom waits or elliott smith.


but that’s just one album. i first discovered noah and the whale from a starbucks pick of the day cards and truthfully, spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out why it was noah and the whale and not jonah and the whale. and then i wondered how on earth noah could’ve gotten whales onto the ark…. because tanks. but then, why would he need to because, surely, they can survive a little flood every now and again. but then does that mean that they are completely exempt from that whole situation?

and then i realized that i didn’t care.

because my download was finished and it was awesome. and dear lord, i don’t care all over again because…



‘you live under a rock.’

shut up.

so they have three albums.

  1. peaceful, the world lays me down.  what i find really remarkable about this album, and this band, for that matter, is the amount of sound that happens in every track. there are instruments and vocals all over creation. and i love it.
  2. the first days of spring. the famous heartbreak album. it has this ethereal complexity that i find entirely captivating, is it cliche? sure. get over it.
  3. last night on earth. from my first, quick listen i find that this is a surprising return to the upbeat electronic sound from the first album. yet there is a new contrast of electronic backing tracks and more relaxed vocals. i’ll be playing this album on repeat for the next 48 to 72 hours – don’t mind me.

until i finish that marathon… here are my key picks for noah and the whale.

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