that effing sock bun.

so if you are a girl and you have a pinterest account or follow any style blogger, you know ‘the sock bun.’

[image via ciao-beautiful.]

‘oh look how easy it is! and it’s so cute!’

shut up.

this shit is infuriating.

unless you have the bluntest haircut of all time, i just don’t see how that is going to work.  because (apparently) my hair is layered within an inch of its life, this situation never, ever works out.

that is until… kendi everyday linked me to the other emily‘s secret method….



3 thoughts on “that effing sock bun.

  1. I do not know where you found that first video…but she did not seem like she was prepared to be recording a video tutorial. Maybe I try this one? That fishtaily one you found a while ago was so cute but did not work on my hur.

    Also #ham

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