music monday: mazzy star.

so apparently, i’m having a weird flashback to the 90s night, because my brother and i started reminiscing about old educational computer games…

like outnumbered…

and oregon trail.

and then i decided that it would only be appropriate to have a 90s band for music monday, and mazzy star is pretty much my favorite. except for b*witched but they were only culturally relevant for like forty five seconds.

but damn they made their mark.

just act like you don’t know all the words and laugh in synch with them.

but… mazzy star.

yes, you’re right. their song ‘tell me now’ was on the batman forever soundtrack.

yes, along the likes of brandy and the offspring.

soundtrack choices aside… what was that movie?

‘the bat symbol is not a beeper.’

HA beepers!

but actually… this is obviously my favorite part…

‘see… we’re going to have two face drink out of TWO glasses. get it?? get it??

‘dear god…. we’re gonna be rich!!’

not quite.

wait, but that has nothing to do with mazzy star and i don’t even remember their music in the movie, although i was probably too distracted by the malleability of jim carrey’s face to even listen to the music. oh, and you know… I WAS SIX.


ugh, ok, ok.

[photo by heidie lee locke, via.]

mazzy star is all about the soft instrumental and the hauntingly creepy female vocalist.

you know… just like cat power and lana del ray.

also, note the similarities between those two.

yet, mazzy star does it a lot more successfully in my opinion. now, don’t get me wrong, each of these artists has their own place in the creepy musician girl with dead eyes canon (headed up by nico??), but… mazzy star is just different. there is just more complexity to their music for me in comparison with these contemporary singers. and apparently they’re releasing a new album this year despite disbanding several years ago. i might die.

is their music a little depressing? sure. but we all still love the smiths don’t we?

for those of you who are wondering…

no, i don’t plan these posts.

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