lets get bitchy: ‘girls.’

so there’s this show called ‘girls’ right?


and everyone is talking about it being the voice of our generation and how it really speaks to all of us who are struggling with being in our twenties and not knowing what the hell we are doing or where we are going. blah, blah, blah.

 i know some of you/us COMPLETELY have your shit together.

whatever. we’re not friends.

and yes, i’ve seen every episode so far. and yes, it is drastically easy to relate to.


let’s talk about the situations we’ve encountered so far:

  1. pregnancy scare. at the very least, everyone has a friend who has a story, or who has heard a really awful story about the sheer horror they felt when they suspect they are pregnant at a completely inappropriate time in their life. and you know… some other people have babies… so…
  2. drugs. perhaps the drug use in the show is accurate for some – its not, for my life… that being said, replace drugs with alcohol and i’m right there with you. although, there’s a lot less alcohol than i would imagine.
  3. a college degree in something that doesn’t seem to count for anything. pretty much the people i know who are successful at this point in their lives were some sort of major that could be formed into having a basis in business… or engineering. so… hannah’s english major? not so much. i feel ya, hannah.
  4. internships that take advantage of the intern. that is all internships are by some standards… or all the standards.
  5. unfulfilling relationships. why do any of these people stay together? and the viewer, as such, sees that and is so frustrated. but in all honesty, is probably in the same sort of situation but has no idea. all her friends know, though. believe me. if you don’t… you’re probably that friend.

just kidding.

no, i’m not. take a reflection break.

now, having outlined that… let’s talk about all these things as a whole. you will never find such a small group of people that have all of these problems at the same time. there are at least two or three of my friends/acquaintances/peers jammed into each one of these girls. so we latch onto one characteristic that we really, really relate to and that’s who we feel for and are moved to fight for in every episode. but you know… it’s a good show?

side note: what the hell is shoshanna’s role? is she a student? or a rich girl who sits around all day watching sitcoms?

anyway, by my count, here’s what’s next:

  1. patronizing friends. i.e. conflict with the kids who have it all together. med school kids perhaps? now, my friends who are in med school or on their way to med school soon are in no way patronizing or rude to me or anyone else that i know… but there’s too much potential conflict to pass up. think of all the potential for wonderful backhanded compliments!
  2. as the weather gets warmer there will be an issue with A/C and possibly a power outage. now clearly, this is very cliche for any show based in new york city… but it will be a really great sitcom moment a la i love lucy.
  3. parents coming to visit. probably a collective ‘oh shit we have to clean right now, right now.’ – this has happened to everyone of you and if it hasn’t you are lying through your damn teeth. helping someone quick clean (i.e. shoving things in closets, hiding items in your room, and then acting like nothing happened, etc) is real friendship.
  4. the return of someone from their past. there are two versions that i see coming. one will be already be married and have a child, the girl on each side of this equation will act polite but acts disgusted in front of their other friends, while secretly wondering if they chose the wrong path.
  5. the dreaded student loan. too real, man. too real.

that being said – where are the happy moments? i feel like everyone’s parents are going to start watching this show (or rather hearing about it from brian williams when he super quick plugs his daughter’s show every now and again on rock center and on late show interviews, which he frequents because of that crooked smile, and humor, and he’s so damn charming.) quick tangent. but our parents will start thinking that every one from our generation is horrendously depressed. but i feel like my generation is all about picking yourself up when things are bad and leaning on their friends when times get rough – we saw a glimpse of that in the dance party at the end of the last episode. but really, you gotta show them having good times too, not just hanging out in a clinic all day waiting for abortions… as fun as that might be.

take note, hbo.

and if you’d like me to write for this show, hbo, kindly leave me comment below.


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