music monday: regina spektor.

so i love regina spektor in a big way. in like a ‘i have more than 100 songs of hers, not including various versions of the same song’ kind of way.

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as i starting going through my itunes library, i realized that she hasn’t come out with an album in quite a while… and with a quick itunes search, there it was. a new album, called what we saw from the cheap seats is coming out may 29th.


the worst thing is that you can only listen to one of the tracks before the album is actually released. the song titles, however, are listed and much to my surprise… i already have three songs that are going to be on the album. but… that’s not really saying much. like i said, i have 109 of her songs on my itunes as i type this right now. and the what is incredible to me is how different the early, rough version of ne me quitte pas (the only song from the new album that you can currently sample) and the almost electronic album version are.

i think that is what i find so interesting about her. i’ve been following her since i caught a quick video that vh1 did called her one of the artists ‘you oughta know’ when i was like a sophomore in high school.  then, after i had memorized the words of all the songs i could find, i remember hearing her music on a satellite radio commercial and an episode of csi not too long after. i recognized the music and just thought ‘oh my god, she made it.’

because getting on csi is making it.

but not… like as a corpse. ew.

but its about the progression. i have a lot of live recordings that are really rough snippets of songs that have been reabsorbed into other songs or changed completely. and most of all, a ton of the songs that i love have never been released on an album, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t incredible. i’d say the key to her sound is the way she incorporates piano and her beautiful voice with strange sounds which might be percussive or borderline beatboxing.

but not like those college a cappella groups.

y’all can hush.

but really, i love the layers upon layers of literary, religious, psychological, and cultural references. i love the early songs recorded in dark clubs, in which you can hear people giggle at religious allusions along with the clink of glasses. the music seems completely uninhibited, she’s free to sing about dissociative identity disorder, and beat on a chair with a drumstick.

really. patron saint is 100% the plot of sybil.

and poor little rich boy. come on.

because a huge amount of her music that i have is live, i had a lot of trouble finding the songs or the exact recordings that i really find essential. she’s tremendously talented and any number of renditions are incredible, but these 25 are really clutch.

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