currently obsessed: summer.

so, i’ve been a little MIA this week.

because… summer.

if i had to name the seasons in south texas i’d have to call them early summer, deep summer, late summer, and winter. but really, to call december, january, and half of february ‘winter’ is a little extreme.

mostly because this is winter to me.

but, damn, does texas do summer well. so if i seem a little absent lately its probably because i’m outside enjoying the sunshine.

and you should, too.

but here are my favorite summery things lately…

  1. essie sandy beach – this is the perfect nude color that i’m so obsessed with right now. i don’t think that there is anything i love more than a nude nail…
  2. except maybe a hot red. this shade, called borghese red, is about the closest thing i’ve ever found to a true red. every time i wear this color, regardless of the time of year, i just perk right up.
  3. and clearly you have to have a great swimsuit. jcrew has an huge collection of bathing suits and ever since that first one i bought several years ago, i haven’t strayed from them. i bought a top like this for myself last year as a birthday gift and i just love it. its strapless, but has a detachable strap so you don’t have tan lines, which i think are the worst. also the tie back is the best because the stretchiness of your suit changes if you are laying on the deck or swimming.
  4. also, i love that you can mix and match the different pieces. and i always think that a basic black bottom is great.
  5. if you are anything like me, your hair color can change drastically with the exposure to the sun. when i was a little girl my hair would turn almost blonde, especially around my little face, and now my hair turns a crazy red color. after fighting it for years, i’ve decided to just accept it this year, but i refuse to have huge dark spots and fiery red spots. so… if you have a dynamic hair color like me, be careful not to wear your hair in the same way every time you go outside. i’m a fan of the quick and easy bun but your hair color might get a little concentrated. instead try to change it up with braid variations every once and again. additionally, be careful with products like sun in, or even lemon juice, being you + a little sunshine is one thing, forcing a color change can be tricky, and your dark hair color might turn into a brassy mess: a little goes a long way.
  6. these goody hair spin pins are great for helping keep your hair in place. even spinning one into place in the middle of your already hair-tie secured bun makes sure that it won’t bother you or fall out of place. but my favorite style is two french braids that meet at the base of your neck in a bun made with these pins. so adorable and cool.
  7. last but, certainly not least, you must, must, must wear sunscreen. i love neutrogena’s fresh cooling body mist in spf 45 – it goes on cool on those hot summer days, and you don’t have to get too slimy and icky. i might not get sunburned that easily, but i know that the damage can be done. also i have a tendency to get a little too brown a little too fast, and i’m terrified that i’ll end up looking like that jersey mom. so on that note, don’t go out in the sun between noon and like three o’clock when the sun is really strong, you might end up looking like a football.

other than that, get a margarita, and a good book, and head outside.

notice that flip flops are not on this list. they are not shoes and they are damned noisy. stop wearing them.

‘what about crocs?’

don’t even speak to me.

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One thought on “currently obsessed: summer.

  1. Good call on the sunscreen promotion! ESP when there are so many products that can make you tan (not orange). Footballesque skin is a fab way to put it :) Definitely going to try the French braid bun, as I have those pins! <3

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