take me out to the ballgame.


shut up.

its funny when boys night includes a girl, and when you go to your city’s baseball field and cheer for the visiting team. and by funny, i mean the best… except for when the cubs lost and they didn’t have bloody mary’s.


but these things happened…

texans love a novelty boot.


and there was even a fake train with a real conductor that goes thirty feet along the wall for home runs!

sponsored by an oil company? classic texas.

great seats… but apparently, no one else cared.

things you should notice in this photo:

the couple on the left a few rows up fighting? the bros in the on the right texting. and this guy reading people magazine.

and look! we made it to tv!

and i’m 100% caught saying something bitchy. just look at that face.

sorry i’m not sorry.

and, without a doubt, the best moment of the night was just after the seventh inning stretch. i go to sit down, and deep in the heart of texas begins playing. you just aren’t going to find that kind of commitment to your state anywhere else.

and that, my friends, is why my state is better than yours.

2 thoughts on “take me out to the ballgame.

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