music monday: laurie anderson.

let me start by saying this might not be for everyone. but also let me say that you cannot deny laurie anderson’s contributions to music, and by extension, art. she is more than a musician, she’s an artist, and perhaps most importantly of all, a sound engineer.

she recently gave the commencement address at the school of visual arts in which she welcomed a new class of students as her peers, culminating in a quick performance…

violins + peter frampton, right?

what? you don’t get that reference? click here and skip to 5:00.

but just know that i’m disappointed in you.

now, some of her work is too electronic and packed with cliche sounds from the 80s. but a great deal of her work sounds like long, well constructed arguments… or incredibly contemplative rants.  if nothing else, her sounds force you to think in a new way, even if its just for a few moments.

but some things cannot only be heard.

sometimes it sounds like a nightmare and her voice is the voice of the big brother figure trying to control you. but then you only have to remember that she co-narrated the audio version dalai lama’s book ‘the path to tranquility,’ and provided voices for the rugrats movie, and everything is okay again.

no, i’m not kidding. what.

so don’t get too bogged down in this… she wouldn’t want that.

do some of the sounds seem unfamiliar?

yeah, probably because she invents instruments.


One thought on “music monday: laurie anderson.

  1. Cool! I had never heard of her but it sounded pretty what she did with that mouth thing at the commencement address. And that music video is pretty cool. What a neat lady!

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