free museum days are probably one of my favorite things ever. mostly because you can just pop into a museum and just see what you have time for without feeling guilty about not seeing everything.

is that just me? do other people feel guilty?


ugh, here are some of the paintings i caught a few weeks ago at the museum of fine arts, houston.

maurice denis, evening memory 1, 1890.

albert marquet.


waterlillies through failing eyesight.

maurice de vlaminck.

one of my favorite artists.

franz kupka, the yellow scale.

just try not to feel seduced.

and i saw the end result of cai guo-qiang’s gunpowder drawings…

yes, gunpowder.

its an explosion… turn your damn sound down.

cai guo-qiang, odyssey, 2010.


[image via cai guo-qiang.]

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