music monday: peggy sue…

and the pirates. or and the pictures. or whatever the hell they are this week. they’ve changed their name no less than three times since i’ve been following them.


isn’t that skull charming?

[image via.]

anyway, i’ve been obsessed with bodyparts and first aid EPs lately, as i find them to be really good music to run to. in like a ‘yeah, i’m a tough girl who listens to music with interestingly unique percussive instruments and quirky lyrics but i still love a good frappuccino on a hot day’ kind of way.

‘is that a thing?’

yeah, sure…. like a hipster lite situation. some of you get that right?

they have sort of an interesting sound… its like kate nash + regina spektor (sometimes) + feist + the heartless bastards… kind of. but as it turns out, i haven’t been paying attention well enough and they released a whole other album… or two that i’ve never heard. so here we go.

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