after a rather interesting night in wrigleyville last night, i decided to reflect on some of my fonder memories of the area. one of the first group dates i had upon moving back to chicago was, of course, a cubs game. or… if you ask my friend from new jersey, ‘the mets game vs. the cubs.’


i wouldn’t say that i have strong feelings towards any one team, but i feel good about baseball as a whole, i especially love kids playing baseball because of the skewed head size: helmet ratio, and obviously kenny powers.

disclaimer: that link has strong language and content.

but its hysterical.

anyway, i usually just cheer for whoever is the home team…. except that time i cheered against the astros. oops.

but wrigley is wonderful because it is beautiful and old, and its casually in the city and you don’t have to go to the middle of nowhere, south chicago to get there.

yes, i’m hating on you, sox.

also because this guy.

and the other guy i like there… the one that makes the best bloody marys.

but we had great seats right by a huge group of rowdy, questionably new york gentlemen who kept yelling TAKE YOUR TAWP OWFF…

don’t worry… not to us.

it seems to be a baseball thing that we couldn’t figure out??

and by a pair of sleeping guys (perhaps newly 21?).

disregard the pole.

and, of course, the cubs didn’t disappoint.

‘what happened?’

‘oh did you miss it? he hit a home run!’

‘oh, good! … what is that?’

so damn charming.

we did, however, have to leave after the seventh inning stretch, which, by the way, isn’t followed by a charming song about chicago. unlike texas, where we sing deep in the heart of texas. duh. but we had to leave because it was approximately a degree outside and none of us were dressed appropriately.

mostly, on account of it being JUNE.

but cooler temperatures, of course, warrant warm drinks. so obviously we caught the end of the game at a bar across the street, enjoying irish coffees and beat all the traffic out of the field.

sheer perfection.

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