the art institute: the old.

i love chicago, and as far as favorite places go – anywhere along the lake is beautiful, campus always feels like home but, for me, nowhere quite compares to the art institute. no matter how many miles i walk through the halls, none of the pieces ever seem to get old.except… i guess these are kind of old.

jan van goyen, fishing boats off an estuary, 1633.

because no one gets light and clouds like the dutch.

el greco, st. francis kneeling in meditiation, 1595/1600.

because how creepy must these paintings have been when he adopted this style.

virgin and child with the young st. john the baptist, agnolo bronzino or follower, 1527/1530 or later.

and then just as you are admiring such an incredible example of a renaissance photobomb. you turn the corner….

and there’s his damn tooth. ew.

‘great pictures this week, cor.’

shut up.


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