music monday: fleet foxes.

SO – i’m a huge fan of any and all internet radio and music search engines: pandora, grooveshark, musictonic, 8tracks, youtube (because music videos are a thing, too), even spotify… although, i’m still unconvinced.

mostly because nirvana in NO WAY belongs in my otis redding radio station.

keep trying, spotify.

but, yesterday, i heard that there is another music website that might actually be winning the game. it’s called songza and its not just about finding music by artist… its about mood. so, for example, its like ‘oh hey. its monday night, did you want to listen to music for unwinding? reading? work or study? bedtime? or listen to new music?’ and you’re like oh damn, i think it’s bedtime. and then it plays some crazy music from blade runner and you’re like wait – thats an intense movie! harrison ford just spend two hours hunting down replicants and… oh wait, this is nice. zzzzZZz

its. awesome.

and there aren’t any commercials. WHAT.

anyway, through my monday morning: just waking up playlist i realized that i love fleet foxes and i’ve never done a music monday segment about them. now, i’m not entirely sure what there is to say about them. i was first introduced to them through a pandora playlist about like iron and wine or something standard, i probably wrote down the name in one of my notebooks and promptly forgot about them. then i was looking at album art on another station and saw that their cover art for their album fleet foxes is actually a pieter bruegel the elder work. its like the where’s waldo of semi-religious, semi-horror, 100% god fearing paintings from dutch renaissance art that we all know and love.


[image via.]

but that didn’t even stick. it wasn’t until i got some sage advice from a friend of mine that this was one of the bands that i certainly needed to know. and dammit, she was right.

also, they’re characterized as baroque pop on wikipedia.

what in the hell is that?


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