music monday: the commute.

so adjusting to back to my life in chicago has been… an adventure.  i’ve now been back for about four months, which seems like forever and no time at all. now this isn’t going to turn into some sort of sappy tell all about what i’ve learned from my independence or anything to that extent. turn on lifetime for that mess, or at least old episodes of girls

no, this is about music. anywhere you go in this city, people are listening to music; on the train, in the street, in a museum, while talking to someone in real life (the ability to carry on a conversation while maintaining your playlist’s integrity through one earbud seems to be a point of pride to most… but really SO rude), and especially when they’re trying to ignore someone.


my biggest nightmare is that i’ll leave my apartment with a half charged ipod and a long day ahead of me…. and you know, the typical thing, like house centipedes. yeah, we don’t have those in texas and they are terrifying, godless creatures that seem to feed on wintertime and my screams.

google at your own risk.

but i digress. music is such a big part of the lifestyle here that when i got on the bus the other day on my way to work and the man next to me did not have earphones in, i was so confused that i had to take the opportunity for a laugh. so obviously i turned the music up, put on ignition, then a little luke bryan, and then some yo-yo ma. he soon exited the bus, and surely, thought i was crazy.

mission accomplished.

anyway, in an effort to mix it up and avoid a playlist rut, i’ve started leaving my ipod on shuffle and letting it cycle through on its own… which is pretty much a risky little game because bands like b*witched exist(ed). but heres what i heard on my latest commute…

yes, i referenced yo-yo ma and 90s irish girl bands in the same post.

get on my level.

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