this has got to be over soon, right?

i simply cannot wear my puffy north face coat any longer.


‘oh, but its so beautiful and charming! and you can make snowangels and snowmen!’

you can also lose all confidence in your ability to walk.


i guess it’s lovely sometimes.

at least half of that is frank gehry, though.

also millennium park is much improved with sunshine, live music, and a bottle of wine.

IMG_1045IMG_0557but sometimes you’ve just gotta make spring come to you. during a particularly freezing and miserable weekend a few weeks ago, i just happened to go to this odd shaped building not far from my apartment and stumbled onto the happiest place i’ve ever been: the lincoln park conservatory.

it was about eighty degrees and horrendously humid inside.

just. like. home. IMG_1100 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1112

IMG_1010today i had brunch outside wearing a blazer… so it’s spring.

but… it’ll probably snow like fourteen inches tomorrow.



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